The BiTSY Stage
...the little sister of the Betsy Stage.
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The BiTSY Stage

Audience Feedback

by Patti on 10/01/16

We received this lovely note from an audience member. Thank you for taking the time to share the love, Keisha. We're glad our mission is being fulfilled! 

Hi Patti, 

I just wanted to thank you for having such an amazing place like BiTSY! My kids are still talking about the performance. It was so small and so intimate and so, so very well done! I especially loved how the actors came out after to engage with the audience and even take pictures. 

I am so grateful my kids were able to experience art in this way! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Keisha U.

A Colorful Cavalcade of Comedy!

by Patti on 09/16/16

Check out this sneak-peek of our show, The Fortune Teller's Fortune, opening this Saturday.  A few performances are booked up already, so make your reservations soon!

All photos are by Patti Murtha

Cancelled Performance Notice

by Patti on 06/10/16

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must cancel our Saturday, June 11 1pm show.  The 11am show will continue as scheduled and so will our Sunday, June 12 shows.

If you have tickets, our General Manager will be in touch about rescheduling you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Great Write-up by NigeriaTeller

by Patti on 06/04/16

"BiTSY Stage, the child-pleasant division of Denver’s Shakespeare-loving Betsy Stage, throws down some high quality youngsters’s theater with The Stone Coat Lady: An Iroquois Story, a play based mostly in Native American storytelling lore and finished up in a critical tone with lovely costuming, staging and a high quality forged — totally free. Introduce your little ones to the joys of the stage — and be swept away your self — at this tour de fource from director Patti Murtha."

We had a Fantastic Opening Weekend!

by Patti on 05/24/16

Our General Manager received this beautiful note from an audience member who was at our opening performance of The Stone Coat Woman. With her permission, here it is:

Hi Patti,

My family and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing performance of The Stone Coat Woman! All 5 of the performers were amazing! We were blown away by the powerful and intimate setting and the rich story. We talked afterwards about all of the ways that the actors and props allowed our imaginations to soar. Our youngest, who was very shy after the performance said that he loved the singing. The two older girls agreed that the narrator, Mr. Sanchez, did a great job of bringing the whole story together. We were amazed at the diversity of the cast and the phenomenal thought that went into the adaptation. This kind of opportunity, for our family, is priceless!

The Bitsy is truly a gift to our community. We will definitely be spreading the word and plan to come back for each upcoming performance.

Thanks again for a great way to spend our Saturday morning and a new cultural addition to our family's life.

Eboni Younger-Riehl 

We provide high quality, FREE theatrical productions for the whole family. Our adaptations of international folktales celebrate the things we all have in common while exploring the differences that make our world so rich.

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